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Six Reasons Why Your Hemorrhoids Are Persistent

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6 Reasons why your Hemorrhoids are Persistent

If you suffer from persistent hemorrhoids, you know how frustrating they can be and how important it is to treat them properly. The itching, burning and constant irritation of hemorrhoids can drive you crazy, so people who suffer from persistent hemorrhoids want to know the keys to getting rid of them. However, before you can get rid of your hemorrhoids, you first must understand their causes.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

A hemorrhoid is basically like the varicose veins that people get in their legs. The veins that cause hemorrhoids are located in the anus.

1. Pressure

Pressure builds up on these veins in the anus until they collapse, and this collapsed vein is a hemorrhoid. They can occur inside or outside the anus. If the vein walls collapse at more than one point, more than one hemorrhoid forms. The common denominator that causes all hemorrhoids is pressure, but this pressure can occur in a number of ways.

2. Bowel Habits

Bowel habits are the most common cause of persistent hemorrhoids. An average bowel movement takes around five to eight minutes. However, many people linger on the toilet for 10 or 15 minutes, reading or browsing the web on their smartphones. Every extra moment you spend on the toilet means more loss of blood circulation and extra pressure on your veins. Do your business quickly and get up from the toilet to prevent hemorrhoids from forming.

3. Your Diet

Unfortunately, the majority of people do not eat a healthy diet. It is rare that people get enough fiber in their diets. People who eat too much meat and not enough high-fiber foods have to strain to expel their waste. This strain causes an enormous amount of pressure in the anus, which easily triggers the creation of hemorrhoids. Eat lots of high-fiber foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits to make your stool soft and prevent hemorrhoids.

4. Working Environment

Most of us sit for long stretches of time while we are at work. If you have a desk job, you are more apt to develop hemorrhoids due to sitting all day. If you want to prevent hemorrhoids from forming when you are sitting down, get a donut pillow to sit on. These donut cushions are designed to relieve the pressure on your rectum, and are a great tool for preventing hemorrhoids. It is also a good idea to stand up every 20 or 30 minutes to relieve pressure and encourage circulation.

5. Cleaning Your Anus

Another important thing you need to know about getting rid of hemorrhoids is how to clean your anus properly after you have a bowel movement. Most people use toilet paper, but this is incredibly hard on the sensitive skin of your anus. If you want to properly clean your anus after a bowel movement and prevent your hemorrhoids from reoccurring, switch to baby wipes. You will be amazed at how much gentler they are on your anus. They will allow you to get the area cleaner with much less effort.

6. Pregnancy

Pregnant women get hemorrhoids easily. This is due to the added pressure the enlarged uterus places on the rectum. Pregnant women should make sure to eat high-fiber foods and drink plenty of water to prevent hemorrhoids as much as possible.

Keep Your Hemorrhoids from Coming Back

Now that you know what causes hemorrhoids, you know how to treat them. Don’t linger on the toilet. Eat a high-fiber diet. Don’t sit for long stretches of time without a donut pillow. Clean the area with baby wipes after a bowel movement. If you follow these tips, it will be much easier to prevent your hemorrhoids from returning.

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