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How Raw Garlic Quickly and Naturally helps reduce and eliminate Hemorrhoid symptoms

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How Raw Garlic Naturally reduce and eliminate Hemorrhoid symptoms

Raw garlic has been used for centuries to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms, and can greatly diminish the associated inflammation and pain they often cause for many people.

If you suffer from annoying hemorrhoids symptoms,  then you know all too well just how painful, inconvenient, and embarrassing they can be. Although hemorrhoids aren’t considered an actual disease, they are still quite troublesome. Aside from the many products available to treat hemorrhoids on the market today, you may find quicker relief using natural remedies like raw garlic in order to alleviate your symptoms instead. Research illustrates that raw garlic has a profound and lasting effect on hemorrhoids, in addition to its well-known culinary and medicinal benefits.

All About Garlic

Garlic is an ancient remedy used to treat a number of various medical disorders. It is typically described as an herb, vegetable, or even a flower. Raw garlic has the ability to produce three distinct effects, along with effectively treating hemorrhoids:

  • Natural antioxidant
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Potent antibiotic

Studies reveal that the beneficial active agent in garlic is called ‘allicin.’ Allicin is primarily responsible for garlic’s health benefits in addition to its characteristic aroma. For best results, use fresh, organic garlic rather than the pill or powdered form.

The Power of Allicin

Allicin in garlic has been studied and researched extensively over the years. It has been shown to be garlic’s primary defense agent against bad bacteria, as well as promoting antifungal and antibacterial properties overall. The sulfur in garlic is responsible for most of these key antibiotic properties.

Once a clove of fresh garlic is crushed or cut, the allicin inside begins to instantly break down and develop into a compound known as 2-propenesulfenic acid. This unique compound works to bind to damaging free radicals and eliminate them.

Fresh Garlic vs. Processed Garlic

Some individuals find garlic’s distinct taste and smell somewhat repulsive, and therefore tend to purchase the deodorized form of garlic in tablets or powdered form instead. But these are basically useless since allicin is no longer effective in these processed forms. Without allicin, garlic’s overall effectiveness is greatly reduced.

How Garlic Helps  reduce and eliminate hemorrhoid symptoms

Raw garlic can literally be used as a natural suppository to help eliminate hemorrhoids. It works to destroy harmful bacteria in the rectal area, reinforce blood vessels, and decrease inflammation of the skin. Garlic contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that work to soothe the tender, inflamed area near the anus. Also, the key astringent properties of garlic help to quickly repair the walls of the damaged blood vessels. A fresh garlic enema has the ability to clean out the intestinal tract, therefore reducing any discomfort when emptying the bowels.

Directions for Using Garlic for Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Frequently consuming fresh garlic is a great way to alleviate the ongoing pain, irritation, and itching commonly associated with chronic hemorrhoids. Try crushing or finely chopping a few fresh garlic cloves (let it sit for 8-10 minutes to allow the allicin to release) and consume before or during your meals. Simply scoop up the pieces and toss them to the back of your throat, just like you would any other pills, and drink with water. In this manner, you will never even notice the pungent taste and smell of the garlic at all.

In order to use the garlic as an actual suppository, peel off a small piece from a clove and gently push it just inside your rectum to find instant relief. Leave it in overnight and allow your regular bowel movements to naturally dispose of it.

In addition to eliminating painful hemorrhoid symptoms, garlic has long been known as a natural and effective way to protect your body against catching a cold or developing the flu.

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